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PeopleSoft Utilities

Administration Utilities

tmadmin.pl - Perl script which installs as a service, and can be configured to run tmadmin commands at specified frequency to capture PS App Server usage, Queuing, Database connectivity health.  This information can be saved to a log file, or written directly to a Database table.  Also have available a usage report, which graphs out a count of user connections across a specified time, or date range.  After reviewing this documentation, contact us if you have further interest.  

Crystal ODBC Report Type

To satisfy the need to run Crystal Reports, that use Crystal's native database connectivity (ODBC), we developed a custom PeopleSoft Process Type.  Written using VB.net, this process type eliminates the requirement to use PS/Query as your data source for reports, providing more options for report design.  Our original requirement was to be able to use a Stored Procedure as the data source.  Once this Process Type is setup in your PeopleSoft system, you can run such Crystal reports like any other PS process, and output has the same Destination options as any PS process.  Output can be sent to the web to be viewed through the Report Manager, or Process Monitor interface.  After reviewing this documentation, contact us if you have further interest. 

Application Engine Utilities

parse_ae_log.pl - Perl script used to identify individual AE steps that run logger than a specified number of minutes.

ae_step_count.pl - Perl script used to identify quick AE steps that run excessively in a loop.

Perl Utilities

trc2sql.pl - Perl script that will take a COBOL trace file, or PeopleCode trace file, and write out a SQL script to perform the same logic.  Bind variables are bound.  
backup_file.pl - Perl script for naming files for backup.  Allows retention of 'n' backups specified by command line flag.  Read header comment for more.