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PeopleSoft Utilities


   DameWare - NT Utilities Software Suiteremote enterprise system management.
   BethnicSoftware/Golden - Workbench / Tools for Oracle Programming.
   Trillian - IM software that combines all others,.. (AOL, Yahoo, ...).
   Toadâ      - A great tool from Quest Software for writing and debuging PL/SQL
   RSHD/NT - a great Remote Shell Daemon for NT... as well as other severices. 
   SysInternals - Handy NT Utility to identify what resources are open, by which process.
   WaveLink - API and tools for developing RF applications using Symbolâ mobile devices.
   UltraPDF - Free (or cheap) PDF Print Driver.  Create PDFs by printing.

Web Development

    4GuysFromRolla.com - Great page with message boards.  Lots of ASP knowledge. 


   Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG)
 Oracle Technology Network (OTN)
   Evergreen Database Technologies Inc - Oracle Consulting and Educational Services.  This website is packed with great Oracle info compiled by Tim Gorman and Jeff Maresh.  (be sure to check out their free downloads link)

   SageLogix - Oracle Infrastructure Experts


   Oracle Hosted PeopleBooks

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