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ORACLE - PeopleSoft Practice

We offer a wide variety of expertise with all of the PeopleSoft tools, and many of the application modules.   From a tools perspective, we are able to understand, and resolve problems you may have installing and maintaining all the layers in the tiered environment.  Our experience administering Oracle, UNIX, NT and BEA Tuxedo provide a very solid understanding of the architecture enabling creative solutions to the tough problems (or bugs).

Recent projects have included the following tasks:


  • Customize Treasury/Cash Management modules for automated banking, including payment, acknowledgement and statement reconciliation.  Implementing customizations based upon the delivered ISO20022 XML pain.001, pain.002 and pain.008, as well as  Edifact EDI820, 997/824 processing.
  • SWIFT AllianceLite configuration for FIN and FileAct.
  • Custom services to organize incoming SWIFT file reception.
  • Installations and Upgrades to PeopleSoft Release 9.2.  We have setup customers on several different platforms, and product suites including HR/Payroll, Fin/Dist and Staffing for Front Office.  Configure Web, App and Batch Servers on multiple UNIX and NT platforms.

  • Integrate external applications to PeopleSoft using SOAP WS calls.  Component Interface calls through SOAP WebServices.

  • Custom PS Process Type for Native Crystal ODBC drivers.  To allow the use of Stored Procedures, or data source other than PS/Query for reporting, we developed a program that uses the Crystal API and interacts with the PS Process Scheduler Tables.  Progress and output may be monitored via the PeopleSoft Process Monitor like any delivered process.

  • NT Service to capture PIA usage information.  Data may be logged to a database to take advantage of existing Crystal Reports.   Service also can be configured to send alerts if App Server Queuing reaches critical threshold, or Process Scheduler is hung.  We have also implemented similar monitoring for the UNIX environment, where App Server is run on UNIX.

  • Implementation of Real Time Barcode interface to PS  Inventory module, using  Symbol RF scanners.  This was developed in java using PeopleSoft's Component Interface (PT8.4x), and Symbol's WaveLink studio.  Runs very nicely in a distributed environment:  Warehouse in Florida, and PeopleSoft servers in Colorado.

  • Major Release Upgrades, Service Pack application, Fix installation and Payroll updates.

  • Performance Tuning  all parts of the applications, including Cobol, AE, SQR,  PeopleCode, and database objects.   

  • Implement custom PS Process definitions to make Process Scheduler Jobs more fully functional.  These included definitions for Job Paging, Email and FTP.

From the applications perspective, we have worked extensively with HR/Payroll, Benefits, GL, AM, AP, PO, TR, CM, INV and AR modules.